Tulsa Works to Restore Entrepreneurial Spirit of 'Black Wall Street'

Long before the Great Migration — the 20th-century exodus of millions of African Americans from the Deep South to the North — the opportunity to own land attracted many blacks to Oklahoma. But it was specifically the oil boom at the turn of the 20th century that lured two entrepreneurs, O.W. Gurley and J.B. Stradford, to the city of Tulsa and set in motion one of the most remarkable, tragic and often forgotten stories in American history — the creation, destruction and rebirth of “Black Wall Street.”

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Senator Lankford Announces Tulsa Community Conversation

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — The Office of Senator James Lankford (R-OK) today announced an April state work week Community Conversation in Tulsa. For the event, Lankford wants to ensure everyone has an opportunity to ask questions. Lankford will hold five 30-minute face-to-face conversations with groups of 35 Oklahomans. To accommodate everyone, an online sign-up is required for the event. If you are unable to sign-up online, contact the Oklahoma City office at 405-231-4941. 

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